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Work-life balance when working from home

Work from home has some great perks, such as our daily commute to the workplace consists of a short walk from our bed to the couch (or sometimes not even that!), or the fact that we can now take power naps on ACTUAL beds. The best of all? We can stay in our pajamas all day, and no one would ever complain. What could be better than this?

Although work from home has its advantages, some may find it difficult to sustain a work-life balance. The lines between our private and work life start getting blurry. We tend to over-compensate by taking up more responsibilities, thereby overlooking the fact that we need to take care of our mental and physical health as well.

While remote work has scope for greater flexibility, sometimes it takes a little time for a person to adjust to the fact that he/she will be working alone. All you need is a little patience.


A sound work-life balance positively impacts employees' health and happiness. Remote workers, when structured their workdays in a balanced manner, can be more productive and motivated to perform better.

Find balance between work and life

I can't stress on this enough but PRIORITIZE. Work on your time-management skills, plan, and schedule and engage in some productivity techniques that can help you manage your workdays, stress free.

A few tips to help you achieve your balance

Carve out your work space

  • There are a lot more distractions at home than in the office. You can always find something else to do, the reason being that there are no coworkers around to motivate you to be productive.You need to set up a space that is solely dedicated to work. It could be a desk, a home office, or even a corner on your bedroom floor, that turns on your work-mode and keeps you away from distractions.

Plan your day

  • Plan your day in a way that you set some time aside for your chores as well. Wake up like you usually do for work, have your breakfast and coffee, and then sit down for a productive day ahead.
  • Flexibility is an advantage to working remotely, but you should fix your working hours so that you can be productive in addition to having time for yourself.

Get ready for work

  • Now that you don't have to spend your mornings rushing to get ready for the office, it doesn't mean your mornings should go unproductive. Take a shower, cook a big breakfast, and get dressed for the day if you wish. This way, you can mentally prepare yourself for your day ahead, even at home.
  • There are fewer odds for you to get distracted or sleepy when you kick-start your day in this manner.

Have proper meals

  • It just seems easier to munch on snacks when you're working from home. Getting up from your spot to cook a healthy lunch seems like a lot of work. And because you don't get a specific lunch hour like in the office, you tend to forget about it
  • It shouldn't matter where you're working from, setting aside time to eat lunch should be important in your routine. This way, you feel re-energized for the rest of your afternoon.

Take breaks to decompress

  • Close your laptop, step away from it and go for a walk, play with your pet, watch an episode of your favorite show, get the music in you or do anything that makes you feel calm.
  • Just make sure that when you return to your desk, you are refreshed and ready to handle the next set of tasks.


  • Make use of communication tools to keep your team in the loop with your work progress. Notify them when you're stuck or need to communicate about a certain issue.
  • Keep your team informed about your online and offline hours. Everyone stays on the same page this way, and a lot of confusion can be avoided.

Align work schedules with your family

  • For those of you with kids and a family, align schedules with your partner, children, or your roommate (if you’re living on your own.) Delegate chores equally, and you can find a peaceful working environment for yourself.

Clock out at the end of your shift

  • Tidy up your workspace once you've finished working. Get up and walk to a different space in the house. It will help you mentally clock out from "office".
  • It's pivotal to find this transition from work mode to home mode, as it puts your mind to rest from the work thoughts and lets you focus on your personal life.

We hope that these tips help you maintain your work-life balance whenever you’re working remotely.

Do any more points come to mind? Please share them with us in the comments section.

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