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Bonding With The Team

There are plenty of team bonding activities that we can find on the internet. I’m sure those are effective, but this is not what I intend to write today. Digital beej has a unique way of team bonding that turned us all into each other’s extended family members.

This team has exceptional qualities. Our workdays usually consist of us bobbing our heads to good music and having productive brainstorming sessions. Everyone is free to unleash their potential, and each member is encouraged to share their opinions. I realized that this is a wondrous way to boost our confidence. Being a person who was always unsure of her capabilities, I am now transforming into a person who has faith in her work. And this is not solely me, every person, who entered this organization has changed into a self-assured individual, with a positive outlook.

To each, his own-concept like this doesn’t exist in our world. We work together, and whatever we’ve accomplished was made possible due to every single individual in the team.

It’s all about how you manage your team. If you want to reach excellence, treat them as equals, and prepare to be astonished by the productivity of your company. It’s a blessing to be in a team where you look forward to working every day

As time went by, we made our own rules about our work environment.

You feel sick? You’ll find soup and medicines on your table.

Did you get stuck? Every single person will help you overcome that.

A happy occasion? Let’s celebrate!

One common characteristic that binds us all together is Empathy. Whether it’s among each other or with our clients, we make sure to listen, understand, and then take action.

Sure, time seems a little tough now, and the pandemic has put us all in an uncommon situation. But the rapport that we have built with each other has not affected our work or our deliverables. Although the start was a bit shaky, we’ve now picked up our pace, and hope for an even smoother transition in the coming months.

We invariably keep in touch, pick each other up, and move forward.

It’s not possible to agree with every single person. We’re only human, right? But it’s humane to acknowledge that everyone was raised to think differently, and the only resolution is to act on what’s best for the well-being of the company.

Every organization works in its own way. There are no defined set of rules that we can follow to improve team bonding. We need to learn from each other and our mistakes to keep going. A strong leader is someone who has a clear vision and keeps their mind open because,

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”
-HE Luccock

Would you like to share your own ideas on team bonding? We’re eager to learn! Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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