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Adapt Your Marketing Strategy For Covid-19.

An unprecedented situation like this calls for proactive planning and marketing strategy.

It’s you who can turn this crisis into a favourable situation; your marketing strategy can bring the spotlight back to you. The company’s response and activities during these situations shall set the tone for how your customers perceive the brand.

Planning a strategy shouldn’t wait till the problems have fully developed in the society, there should instead be a point-by-point plan that makes it easier for you to foresee how the customer needs and expectations will evolve.

Scenario Planning

Your marketing strategy should be based on thorough research that shall help you identify specific challenges that the customers and brand could face. Be prepared for alternative actions that you may need to take when a best, worst or moderate case scenario plays out during the crises.

Changes in customer behaviour

Due to changing circumstances, customers may be distrustful towards different and unknown brands, and to regain that trust, you’d need to step up your game and engage in some customer-centric activities such as:

  • Stay all ears: Stay all ears: It’s crucial to understand what your customers seek during this time. Engage in different activities that shall help you monitor their responses, and be considerate towards their requirements and concerns. Re-affirm their trust in your brand by handling all health-related concerns and information with sensitivity.
  • Be responsive: Be responsive: Be truthful to your customers and inform them about what you can or cannot provide them at this time. Do not take actions that can bring you short term gains, instead build relationships with your customers that could bring you long-term customer loyalty.

Operational risks

This pandemic has affected every brand’s daily production activities, and so the marketers should maintain transparency with the customers regarding the reality of the situation:

  • Don’t create unrealistic expectations. Be practical when you’re promising a service and product availability. Do not advertise about services that you can’t deliver. Bring rational changes, for example, allow refunds, cancellations, etc.
  • Keep your customer service prompt. Train your team to help manage one-on-one interactions with the customers.
  • Promote digital interactions and online transactions. Provide effective digital solutions to your customers that will improve your digital delivery.
  • Reform your marketing budget. Prioritize and reduce obligations that will not bring value to the current situation.

Marketing strategy

The upcoming months may bring a huge change in the marketing industry. The brands should be prepared with alternative solutions for every possible scenario. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Engaging Content: With the increasing number of hours that people spend online, it is now a good time to provide them with some light-hearted and motivational content that shall mirror your unwavering support in times like these.
  • Timely media placement: Commit with media planners and buyers to obtain a secure spot for key media placement.
  • Organize virtual events: Due to the restrictions on large gatherings, marketers should build campaigns and strategies that serve as an alternative for the physical events planned.

Unfortunately, none of us knows when situations will improve. All we can do is think ahead and keep updating ourselves with more information.

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