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Lead Generation

A lead is any person who shows interest in a brand’s product or service.

"Your audience no longer wants you to buy their attention — they want you to earn it."- Ryan Lynch, HubspotMeaning, your brand needs to rebuild its lead generation strategy to catch its target audience’s interest.

    Steps to follow:
  • Engrossing content
  • Conversion of visitors into customers

Need for Lead Generation

A brand is judged by its marketing activities. If a potential customer is receiving cold calls and promotional emails on an annoying rate, he/she will form a negative opinion for that brand. And it doesn’t take long for the word-of-mouth to follow. Brands require a comprehensive marketing strategy that reshapes the audience engagement with the brand and efficiently captures their attention. The primary objective is to increase conversion rates and eventually increase brand revenue which can be made possible by a passionate team of experts (contact us link under the team of experts).

Lead generation types

  • Online Lead Generation

With the correct search engine optimization practices, your brand will become a leading presence on the digital platforms.To get featured at the top of the search engine results, a brand needs to optimize its website content according to the keywords related to the products and services that it offers. Optimized landing pages can help convert visitors to consumers by providing information and guidance that a consumer seeks on your website. A brand should be positioned across all platforms in such a way that it ignites interest and encourage positive engagement amongst the target audience

    Activities that drive lead generation are:
  1. Content Marketing
  2. Guest Posting &
  3. Good Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation means to be situated in the market in such a way that that the target audience reaches out to you. Inbound marketing proves to be successful mainly because the majority of customers like to discover products and services through self-research practices according to when and how they need them. To make this possible, a brand needs to up its SEO game, online advertising and its social media engagement.

  • Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is when the brand reaches out to its target market. The customers today are usually sceptical about which brand to trust, so methods like cold calling, telemarketing and spam emails don’t always succeed. These seem impersonal and stare right ‘in your face’.Outbound marketing requires expert market research and audience analysation carried out by a reliable agency in order to craft a suitable marketing strategy. This results in an authentic voice that has the potential to gain the audience’s attention.

  • B2B Lead Generation

B2B marketing is imperative for every business. While a brand needs to connect with its customers, it also needs to build mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and business clients. It’s an added advantage for several small businesses, who may benefit from connecting with business partners that are geographically distant from them. A competent agency can help you expand your circle of influence and connect with the right business partners- who may not be directly reachable via conventional means- through a customised lead generation strategy.

If you wish to give your brand a prominent position and increase your loyal customer base, trust the experts to partner with you through this journey for success. Reach out to us for a thorough understanding and tailor-made strategies.

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