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The Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing

COVID-19 pandemic has taken the whole world by a storm, bringing acute changes in our lifestyle and habits. A whole lot of confusion has fogged our minds with questions about where this leaves us in regards to our future. Marketers stand with the responsibility to support their brands, along with remaining sensitive about the messaging and actions that they take during this time.

This nature's surprise has created an urgent need for brands to act fast and act smart. To restore the faith of the customers, the brands need to come up with exceptional ideas that display the support and mindfulness towards society.

Drastic changes in customers' lifestyles have led marketers to understand that tried and tested strategies won't reap as many benefits as they did earlier. Instead, they need to go back to gaining a basic understanding of where and how their customers are now spending their time, and only a thorough comprehension shall help marketers maintain a smooth-running business.

Impacts on Marketing

With the increase in media consumption, it is essential to understand the impacts on marketing and advertising while the situation is still evolving. A few things to consider

  • E-commerce advertising and social media spending are forecasted to grow by a considerable percentage- while people look for answers on social media and essential products via e-commerce portals.
  • Marketers are more focused on building a long-term campaign strategy rather than tending to short-term gains.
  • Marketers are more focused on building a long-term campaign strategy rather than tending to short-term gains.
  • There is an impact on traditional TV advertising due to the cancellation of live sporting events.
  • Consumers are leaning towards high traffic channels to follow news and shopping trends.
  • There is a need for alternative solutions to compensate for event cancellations that would magnify the consumer experience.

Here's what we recommend

  • Keep a check on your business health: Now is the time to evaluate all aspects of your business (revenue, offline traffic, online traffic, etc.) Understand how this crisis has impacted your business and make decisions accordingly.
  • Reflect on your brand's intent: Instead of going for short-term gains, come up with strategies that will help you gain your customers' trust during these challenging times. By doing so, you might attain a loyal customer base. Keep up with the purchasing behavior, evaluate the market operations, and revise your communication strategies respectively.
  • Communication Tone: Evaluate customer's responses within your online and offline media, monitor the messaging that they approve of, and regulate your messaging in conformity with it. Make use of this time to experiment with different strategies and use the ones that are accelerating your growth.
  • Media trends: Due to the drastic changes in media consumption, marketers need to align their media mix with the new opportunities that open up. Evaluate which media channels work for your brand and focus on maintaining that strategy. This may help you attain new customers, along with retaining your existing customer base.
  • Inspire: Inspire your consumers by building an emotional connection with them. Utilize this opportunity to truly connect with them and empathize with them. Be prompt with your responses and maintain a transparency between them and the brand.

It’s crucial to look at this as an opportunity to grow. We need to keep working towards success and adapt to the changing scenarios. Things will fall into place soon.

Please share your ideas about the measures that we can take to overcome this hurdle in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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